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We sell Developer T-shirts, Hoodie, Computer tools, Programming stockers, Mugs etc.

Our Story

Since 2019 when my Idea was about to sell programming stickers then I was thinking about developers passionate wears like T-shirts, hoodies, caps, Mug, pen, pad etc. as it is not available here in Bangladeshi Marketplace. 

After my Idea generation, I was worked on in. I went to Fakirapool, Dhaka about Programming Sticker production. There I found varieties categories of stickers production. My sticker production initiative was failed then. 

Failed in Stockers I moved into T-shirt production then. After that, I learned a lot of Garments as I’m not familiar with this industry. My first production was not perfect even was not good enough to sell. 

Now we produce high-quality Export grade T-shirts which are also exported in foreign countries. In our Every new production we make sure that high-quality with new improvement. We also increase varieties categories. 

Since establishment, we serve more than thousand developers and earn lakh taka revenue. Our progress continues increasing. 

We value is customer satisfaction, transparency, recommendation. Therefore our business is transparent, reliable, and profitable. There is no fake motivation or marketing in here.
Mahmudul Hasan
Founder, Owner
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