About DevShop BD

DevShop Bangladesh is a unique e-commerce business especially focused on software developers, programmers, and IT persons. 

We have plan to sell products all about programmers, developers products like Fabric items like T-shirt & Hoodie, Publications items like Pen, pad, diary, books, Homeware like Mug, wall frame and more. 

The more people come to this industry every year is huge and products and business opportunity by this niche is unlimited. 

DevShop BD work for Developers by the developers and with developers products. We sell genuine best product to our customer as our customers is not general people, they’re educated, skilled and loyal to us.

Who we need to do business with us? Or be partner and Investor?

Currently, we have very limited staff and investment. We like to increase it much more in products category even we’re deciding to expand our products in software products and developments. 

We need people like you if you’re a

  1. Software developer, not for work for us, for software-related knowledge to implement knowledge into physical products like T-shitrs and mugs etc. 
  2. Good investment to invest us. As investment is sensitive, we will discuss how profit will be shared in us and how much. There’s have a lot of further discussions, we will talk about this if you’re interested. 
  3. You have a remote job and have the mindset to office with us, not for our tasks but for engage with us. 
  4. You will need to live in Khilkhet, Dhaka area or nearby. As we expand ourselves into office for much more product shipping and transaction, it will be goos if you’re with us not for work handling but for leadership and planning. 
  5. You’re a good, ethical, compassionate, problem solver (you should be), cool, humorous, then it is really great! 

Do you have many questions and query in mind?

If you’re really interested to join us in this business and have tons of questions and query, you can discuss it with us. Bear in mind that, we’re not accepting investment less than 500K BDT. 

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